I needed a new door handle for my car, so of course I bought one off of eBay.  I got the part quickly and it worked well so I faithfully left the seller an excellent feedback and 5-star DSR’s all around.

Apparently that was not sufficient for eBay as they followed up with an email asking me to participate in a three question survey regarding this transaction.

We’re always trying to improve the eBay experience, and there’s no better group of advisors than our own customers.

You purchased “1997-2001 Toyota Camry INSIDE Door HANDLE – Gray LH” from [user ID redacted] on 02/12/2011. We’d love to get your feedback about that experience, and invite you to take a 3 question survey to express your opinions. Your input will help us make eBay easier and more enjoyable to use.

Since I’m always interested in something to write a blog post about, I happily obliged.

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Not content with the ability to evaluate a seller on a scale from one to five, eBay asks me to rank the seller on a scale of one to ten!

Next they gave me an opportunity to write something.  I took the opportunity to write the same thing I put in the feedback.  You might call it a waste of electrons – I call it recycling!

Finally, I got the opportunity to tell eBay I would ever buy from them again.  If I ever need another door handle for my car, I sure will!

I wonder how common this is?  I made another purchase just a week before, but did not get one of these.

Perhaps eBay was just checking up on this particular seller?  Maybe they are trying to evaluate the effectiveness of their feedback and DSR system?  Could this be the first sign of yet another hoop sellers will need to jump through to survive in the eBay jungle?

What are your thoughts?


4 Responses to “Another Way eBay is Evaluating Sellers?”

  1. Henrietta on March 4th, 2011 1:52 am

    My thoughts are that I would be caught between a rock and a hard place.

    On the one hand I would hate to negatively impact a seller who had given good service.

    On the other hand how dare eBay intrude on a satisfactory consummated transaction to impose on me to assist their market research?

    Gosh! I knew there was a reason I don’t go to eBay any more. It’s a PITA

    PS Thanks for that interesting piece of research.

  2. m on March 4th, 2011 1:55 am

    I received the same type of email from eBay 2-3 weeks ago, after buying an item from a large seller with great feedback. I wonder if this is targeted or random?

  3. clem on March 5th, 2011 5:23 pm

    You’ve stumbled into something which will be high profile news in the coming weeks. The DSR system is (and has been) under evaluation, due to ongoing user lament, and eBay is A/B testing a revamped system to enhance the feedback ecosystem. According to my sources, the revamp will supercede, and obviate, the DSR system entirely.

    Details after the jump…

  4. Vivian on June 9th, 2011 5:37 am

    Dear Doug,

    Recently I met one problem. I feel eBay is punishing me. I wonder if you have time to read it.

    My policy compliance is: very low(violated policy twice: multilisting on 2nd Apr;brand name misuse on 4th June). Just now, I got the first neutral feedback.

    Last week, ebay doesn’t allow me to list new items.

    Why do I feel ebay is punishing me? For example:
    One of my item number is:250830729956

    When I search it as “price+p&p lowest first”, it’s on the bottom. It’s really strange. Actually, its price is competitive.

    I wonder, the reason that my item fell to the bottom is just because of being punished, or my mistake of title?

    I am really confused.

    Thanks for your attention.


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