1.  Buyers Abandoning eBay in Droves for New Alternative Auction Site.

- It sure would be a lot easier for sellers to abandon eBay if the buyers left for greener pastures as well.

2.  Free Listing Day Today.

-  When’s the last time you heard that phrase?

3. Survey among eBay Employees Reveals that the Majority of Them Actually Sell on the Site.

- If more of them actually used the site, it wouldn’t be the mess that it has become.

4. Pierre Omidyar Pissed – Founder Buys eBay Back – Fires Management Team.

- It’s gotta be sad to see your baby grow up to be a bully!

5. AuctionInsights Sold For Undisclosed Seven-Figure Income.

- A guy can dream can’t he?


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Posted Feb 18, 2009

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