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I’m playing around with techniques to get your auction listings show up in the Google results. As such I’m including a link for a book that I have listed currently on eBay:

Introduce Your Child to Classical Music 52 Easy Lessons

My listing is currently showing up at position 6 on the first page of the Google search results. My intent is to create some text links to the listing that the Google spider will find and follow – improving the listings position in the search results using a search engine optimization (SEO) technique called link popularity.

Here’s a little bit about the book in case anybody is interested in reading more about it:
Introduce Your Child to Classical Music 52 Easy Lessons
will introduce your child to some of the most famous pieces in classical music. These lesson plans open the door to the instruments, musicians, periods, and musical forms of the classics. Each work included has background for the parent, followed by tips on introducing it to your child (at four different levels, beginner to advanced) including a “What to listen for” section which contains questions you can work through with your child. What sets this book apart from anything out there in the market is that it is designed to study entire pieces of classical music.

Hopefully, the book will stay on the market long enough to have some discernible results for the experiment!

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Posted Jan 16, 2010

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